April 11, 2006

Bush As Mister Mxyzptlk

From Marty Kaplan:
The problem with Bush isn't that he's dumb; it's that he inhabits a private universe, an alternative reality confected by Cheney, Rummy & Rove, where the facts in our reality simply don't apply. In Bush's own galaxy, he's a straight A student, because no contrary evidence is permitted to intrude on it.

Sometimes, though, a wormhole opens up, a tear in the cosmos, through which we can see how his mind works over there in that other dimension...

Do you remember Mister Mxyzptlk, the Superman villain whom you could banish to the fifth dimension by getting him to say his name backward? Sometimes I wonder whether Bush will stumble over the pronunciation of some word -- Kennebunkport? -- so badly that the Republican equivalent of Kltpzyxm will emerge from his lips, sending him back to the galaxy where things are true if you just say they are true, and leaving us to pick up the broken crockery he's left us because, alas, in the real world we inhabit, words actually do have meanings, false is not the same as true, and thoughts really do have consequences.


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