April 19, 2006

Bush Knew, Bush Lied

How many new facts does a man have to unveil before Bush apologists accept that their man is just a lying criminal? Jason Leopold reveals a newly leaked State Department Memo:
Sixteen days before President Bush's January 28, 2003, State of the Union address in which he said that the US learned from British intelligence that Iraq had attempted to acquire uranium from Africa - an explosive claim that helped pave the way to war - the State Department told the CIA that the intelligence the uranium claims were based upon were forgeries, according to a newly declassified State Department memo.

The revelation of the warning from the closely guarded State Department memo is the first piece of hard evidence and the strongest to date that the Bush administration manipulated and ignored documents information in their zeal to win public support for invading Iraq.

The memo says: "On January 12, 2003," the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) "expressed concerns to the CIA that the documents pertaining to the Iraq-Niger deal were forgeries."

Moreover, the memo says that the State Department's doubts about the veracity of the uranium claims may have been expressed to the intelligence community even earlier.
The full text of the memo is here (PDF).

Now this should finally put an end to endless, faith-based, hair-splitting crap like this and this.

The Niger documents were forged and the neo-conservatives who brought Bush to power were the people behind the forgeries. Michael Ledeen is the man with the contacts to the Italian secret service, who made it all happen for them.

Bush lied. He knew he was lying, but he lied anyway.

He is a liar and he doesn't give a shit.

Get used to it.


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