April 11, 2006

Over To You, George...?

Dan Froomkin says Bush has some explaining to do:
Is the president telling the truth? Is he a hypocrite? Under what circumstances did he take the country to war, and how far was he willing to go to cover them up? Can the president be trusted to distinguish what's truly in the national interest, as compared to what's simply in his political interest?

What's clearly needed now is full disclosure, on the record, starting at the very top.
Froomkin also warns that the White House's permanent excuse to avoid answering the hard questions - we cannot comment on an on-going investigation - holds no water, since the issue has now gone beyond the narrow terms of Fitzgerald's investigation.

(And still at the WaPo, so much for "letting Bush be Bush" - his poll ratings are down three points in the last month.)

I think that Froomkin is letting Bush off lightly.

True, Bush should give a full accounting to the public. But it is clear to any intelligent observer that Bush has broken the law repeatedly and without remorse. What's the point waiting to hear the Bush version of events? It will only be another opportunity for Karl Rove to spin another Red Herring.

Don't wait - demand accountability NOW!


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