April 12, 2006

Is Fitzgerald Set To Charge Bush And Cheney?

Given all the latest revelations, I am extremely curious to know what Bush and Cheney told Fitzgerald when they appeared together (and not under oath, remember) before his inquiry.

Think about it. If they lied, Fitzgerald can plausibly accuse them both of conspiracy and/or obstruction of justice (but not perjury, since they were not under oath).

And it's hard to believe they didn't lie, otherwise Fitzgerald would have been able to wind up his investigations a long time ago.

Fitzgerald knows. Let's see what his next move will be - it could be a big one!

I think he should reveal the testimony they gave him, or call them back for another round of questioning, this time under oath.

David Corn has more:
Did special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald come close to hitting the vice president of the United States with a conspiracy charge?

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