April 11, 2006

This Is How I Work, See?

Watch this video of Bush panting like a dog while failing to even understand - let alone provide an informed response to - a very important question: "How does the US plan to bring private contractors in Iraq under control?".

It's quite obvious that Bush has no plan and has not even considered the question till now.

Then check out this:
Bush: And so to answer your question, yes, I hear the protests, and I can understand why. I can understand why people are concerned about war. Nobody likes war, particularly me.

I knew exactly what was going to happen when I committed these troops into harm's way. I knew there would be -- people would lose their life. I knew I would be trying to comfort mothers and fathers and grieving wives. I knew exactly what was coming. And if I didn't think it was the right thing to do, I wouldn't have sent them. And if I didn't think we would succeed in Iraq, I'd pull them out.

And the good thing about democracy is people can express themselves.

We're fixing to have a huge immigration march today. And it's a sign that there's a -- this is a -- you know, this is an important issue that people feel strongly about. And I repeat to you, I strongly believe that societies in which you're not allowed to express yourself are societies which do breed resentment. And kind of the bottled up anxiety causes people to become very frustrated. And that's not healthy for society.
Now un-clench your fists and stop grinding your teeth...! It's not healthy for you!

Finally, check out this latest piece of bizzarre self-justification from Bush:
But, the president told an audience in Washington today he declassified part of a prewar intelligence report so Americans could "see the truth." Mr. Bush says after the U.S. invasion, there were "questions in people's minds," so he decided to free up the information.
Jeez, the man is just a ranting fool...
I'm not through yet, you know... I am going to spend two-and-a-half years charging as hard as I possibly can...

I want to sprint out of office. And I will be an interested observer, and I'm sure I'll be roped into moments after our party nominates a candidate, but I'm just going to let the politics run its course... I guess it's the most wide-open race ever... Oh, it can't be ever. Ever is too long. But in a long time...

You got to listen in my line of work, and I listen a lot... Anyway, kind of rambling here...


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