April 18, 2006

The Ghost Dance

Mike Whitney finds no evidence that Iraq's #1 terrrrst even exists:
In my own research, I have spend a few evenings going over hundreds of articles on Zarqawi to find anything that might confirm his existence. As noted earlier, there are no reliable eyewitness accounts. What we find instead, is sometimes as many as 2,200 articles appearing on any given day pointing to Zarqawi’s involvement in a bombing without any tangible proof of his authenticity.

The news has simply become another “faith based” operation like the Bush administration.

Zarqawi-related news is devoid of any factual content.
Mind you, if the USA is looking for an opportunity to declare victory and pull out of Iraq, here it is. You just go back to the old rationale that the war was really all about terrrrism, declare that the terrrrists have been driven out of Iraq, and then pursue the terrrrists into some other country (e.g. Iran).


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