April 21, 2006

Suffer The Children

Bellaciao reports on Iraq’s rising numbers of orphaned children:
According to a 2005 report issued by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), there were some 5,000 orphans in the capital alone, many of whom have been ostracised by society and have little hope of finding education or shelter.
Now here's a challenge for all you war-mongering chickenhawks of the Fighting 101st Keyboards. If you are not willing to enlist for service in Iraq, how about you express your solidarity with the glorious cause by going to Baghdad to adopt an orphan or two? Well???

I can just imagine how, over the years, you will gently explain to little Ahmed and Aisha how you helped "liberate" them... How the deaths of their parents were an inevitable part of the "collateral damage" your peace-loving ideology demands... How their parents were probably terrorists anyway and how very, very lucky they are to live in the good old USA now...


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