May 06, 2006

Bloggers Bring Down CIA #1 and #3

Yeah, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo is also resigning.

Peter Daou cites Dibgy and TPM to show how bloggers have been 2 Steps ahead of the story.

Says Daou:
The media's abandonment of its investigative and interrogatory roll -- with some honorable exceptions -- has rendered the blogs the last remaining source of hard-hitting coverage of the Bush administration and the only check on a supplicant and not-so-free press.
Says Digby:
For the last twenty years we have had your rightwing radio, your rightwing TV, your rightwing publishing, your rightwing speakers bureaus and your rightwing magazines and your rightwing pulpits. Then you have your imbalanced panels on news shows, your intermarried politicos and journalists and your faux liberal punditocrisy. Yet, our little blogswarms have the entire journalistic establishment all atwitter, wondering what has happened to the discourse?

The entire DC establishment went stark raving bonkers for eight years, followed by nearly five years of a kind of courtier sycophancy we haven't seen since Louis XVI. I do not know the explanation for why this happened, although I have my suspicions.


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