May 10, 2006

Bush Plumbs The Depths

Atrios is running out of ponies (the graphics lately have included a horse - not a pony! - and an animated pony).

I think there's plenty of room to keep heading south, but in the meantime there are a LOT of US voters who should be examining their consciences about WHY they voted (TWICE!!) for the bastard.

Saying that you were mis-informed is really no excuse: when you are voting for the most powerful job in history, you really have an obligation to educate yourself (and not from FOX News).
President: George H.W. Bush
Lowest Rating: 29 percent
Date: July 1992

President: Jimmy Carter
Lowest Rating: 28 percent
Date: June 1979

President: Richard Nixon
Lowest Rating: 24 percent
Dates: July and August 1974


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