May 07, 2006

Don't Mention Prostitutes, Poker or Watergate!

David Ignatius's WaPo article, The CIA at Rock Bottom, is full of interesting news. For example:
What may have hurt Goss most inside the White House was sharp criticism from a hush-hush group known as the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. This blue-ribbon group is headed by Stephen Friedman, a former chairman of Goldman Sachs and former White House economic adviser. Because its members include many prominent business executives, the board could offer a nonpartisan, CEO's view of how Goss was running the agency. I'm told some of the board's judgments on Goss and his management team were devastating.
But not a single mention of prostitutes or poker parties! The closest we get is this:
One of Goss's senior aides was facing potential legal troubles in a bribery investigation...
Goss says his resignation is "one of those mysteries." The BBC, like many other spineless news organisations, seems happy to leave it that way.


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