May 05, 2006

New Neil Young Lyrics for the Bushworld Generation

Following Neil's blistering new song, Impeach The President, I have been listening again to some old Crazy Horse stuff. I keep thinking up new BushWorld-style lyrics, so thought it would be a good idea to start a competition.

Here's my start-up sample effort, to the tune of Cortez The Killer:
George Bush The Killer

He came dancing across the desert
With his humvees and his bombs
Looking for a New World Order
And a foothold in the sands...

In his palace stood Saddam Hussein
With his oil rigs and fields
I couldn't help but wonder
If the WMDs were real..

The intelligence was gathered
Under Cheney's scrutiny
In shades of ambiguity
For the media gods to see..

The shock and awe was beautiful
Young soldiers stood straight and strong
They offered lives in sacrifice
So BushWorld could go on...

The Bin Laden link was a legend
Yellowcake was never known
But Powell put them together
With photos from un-manned drones

The Iraqi people struggle on
Children die along the way
But they've built up a resistance
Which Bush still cant break today

And it ain't no Civil War
Though that's what people say
Bush still can't remember where
Or how he lost his way...

He came dancing across the desert sands,
George Bush, George Bush..

What a killer...
Send in your entries, folks! Limit 150 entries per reader. Competition closes when Bush gets impeached. Winner gets a free 6-month subscription to Magic Bunny.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, still avoiding politics altogether, Bob Dylan gets his own DJ show and plays... Judy Garland.


Anonymous said...

Like A Hurricane (Not)

Once I thought I saw you,
In a crowded, hazy bar
Snorting white cocaine
Then getting in your car..

Far across the political spectrum
I know just what you are
I've seen your brown shirts
Dancing in the fire

You are indifferent to hurricanes
There's calm in your eyes
N.O.'s getting
Blown away...

To somewhere cheaper where the black folk stay
I wanna stop you but I'm getting
Blown away...

gandhi said...

Keep on lockin' up the Free World?


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