May 15, 2006

Preval's Inauguration, Chavez's Warning

In the dark presence of Jeb Bush, Preval takes power in Haiti:
Rights groups say the US-backed interim government appointed after Aristide's departure has locked up hundreds of Aristide supporters without charges.

The US, a major behind-the-scenes player in Haiti, has welcomed Preval's election, but American officials have warned him not to bring Aristide back from exile.

Political analysts say recent trips by Preval to Cuba and Venezuela have played badly in Washington.

The Venezuela trip was successful for Preval, however, since President Hugo Chavez agreed to add Haiti to a list of Caribbean countries he supplies with cut-rate Venezuelan fuel.
Meanwhile, Chavez warns that oil prices 'may soar to $100 a gallon if the USA attacks Iran. That must sound pretty good to Cheney and his evergy baron buddies. If only all those profiting from oil price rises were such good, decent people...
The oil price has rocketed in recent years to around $US70 a barrel, pouring billions of dollars into Venezuela's economy and fuelling Chavez's self-styled socialist Bolivarian revolution.


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