December 04, 2006

Condi Looks Forward To Looking Back

Condi Rice:
As to whether the United States has made mistakes: Of course, I'm sure we have. You can't be involved in something as big as the liberation of a country like Iraq and all that has happened since, and I'm sure there are things that we could have done differently.
However, Rice told Al-Arabiya that now is not the time to talk about U.S. mistakes in Iraq.

"Frankly, we are looking ahead," she said.

Once her tenure as secretary of state is over and she is back at Stanford University, she said she will reflect on the war.

"I can look back and write books about what we might have done differently," she said.

But she may not be able to put it off until then. In January, a Democratic-led Congress will be sworn in and is likely to demand a full accounting of any mistakes made in Iraq.

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