December 05, 2006

Me Heap Big Chief. No Talkum Daddy.

Bush says rarely talks policy with dad:
"I love to talk to my dad about things between a father and a son, not policy," he said.

"Washington can be a tough town at times and there is nothing better than hearing a loving voice on the end of the phone call occasionally and so I check in with Mother and Dad," Bush said.

"Of course, they're worried about their son ... they're paying too much attention to the newspapers, I guess." ...

Asked whether he consults constantly with his father, Bush said: "No ... He understands what I know, that the level of information I have relative to the level of information most other people have, including himself, is significant and that he trusts me to make decisions." ...

Asked to comment on widespread view that his father's influence was coming to bear on his administration, Bush insisted: "I am the commander-in-chief."

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