December 05, 2006

Still No Plane

Via The Huffington Post:
The FBI released never-seen-before footage of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Filmed from the top of the Doubletree Hotel in Arlington, VA, the video shows smoke rising from the Pentagon after it was hit by American Airways Flight 77. The plane is not visible in the video.

Release of the footage was a response to a lawsuit brought by plaintiff Scott Bingham under the Freedom Of Information Act.
And from the comments at HuffPo:
All these video cameras, and still to date, not one video shows a 767 crashing into the pentagon. All we are ever shown is an explosion.

Why is the hole it made so much smaller than the profile of the plane?

Where are the engines? They could not have vaporized or melted.

And still, after over five years, the only evidence suggesting that a 757 hit the Pentagon is that the goverment told us so. Who needs evidence when the government never lies?

With all the freakin cameras all over Washington DC to watch EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, you mean to tell me that there isn't one of a 757 flying 500 feet in the air heading for the pentagon? Sheeshe, talk about the elephant in the room. Also, how did the feds know exactly where each and every video camera in every business in the area was and were there with in minutes of the "surprise" attack to pick every one of them up?
Surely the US government has video footage of the plane? If so, why not release it and put all the doubts to rest? If not, why not? It's not a Conspiracy Theory, it's a simple question.

The best evidence I have seen to date is captured in this rather expensive-looking reconstruction video (still with the blurry images):

But surely somebody has some video of the plane? OK, it shouldn't be necessary, but these are the kind of things that happen when faith in government collapses.


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