December 05, 2006

Think Like A Cowboy

Who needs fridge magnets when you can have "Wanted Terrorist" posters:
The Bush administration plans to brighten up the holidays by distributing hundreds of colorful "wanted terrorist posters" to U.S. airports across the country. "More than 500 posters are on their way to major airports in New York City, Houston, Kansas City, Newark, Sacramento and Washington, D.C.," says a State Department press release. "Smaller airports across the country also requesting posters include those in Guam, Fairbanks, several cities in the Hawaiian Islands, Dayton, Myrtle Beach, Little Rock, San Antonio and Londonderry, N.H."
A little more xenophobic hysteria and racial stereotyping. Just what we need right now. Anyone with brown eyes and a beard better think about getting a nose ring or something.


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