December 04, 2006


Iraq war has cost US 350 billion dollars:
The war in
Iraq has cost the United States more than 350 billion dollars...
The article says that's 73 percent of the total US spending on Bush's self-declared "war on ahem". But should the Iraq War even be included as part of the War On Ahem!?
A Democratic senator said last month that the Defense Department will request an additional 127 billion dollars for the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, an amount that would bring the cost of the "war on terror" over 500 billion dollars.

The new funding request would make the "war on terror" more expensive for the United States than Washington's spending during the Vietnam War that ended in 1975.

The Congressional Research Service said in a September report that the cost of the war in Iraq rose this year to eight billion dollars a month, compared to 6.4 billion a month last year.
Glad I'm not a US citizen, paying taxes to support this madness. OK, I am an Australian citizen, paying taxes to support this madness. But at least we are not wasting quite so much.

Someone once explained to me that in the homo-erotic world of gay men, there are Poo-jabbers and Pillow-biters. It seems the Poo-jabbers are the ones prepared to throw away a lot of money, if necessary, for the experience, whereas the Pillow-biters are either doing it for the money, or just desperately trying to oblige a good friend. We Australians are definitely the Pillow-biters in this relationship with Bush's USA.

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