December 06, 2006

Why Is It So?

I have been right about everything for the past three years or more, but nobody even knows about my blog. Glenn Reynolds has been wrong about everything but he remains a blogging superstar and even gets regular TV gigs.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Not "nobody".
You know the answer, but you're feeling down, perhaps. Who controls all that "media" and monopolises all the advertising revenue which funds it to the detriment of truly independent journalism? It seems that most free people have no idea of what is to be lost when a genuinely independent media cannot commercially exist. Australia is truly mono-media and the whole country loses because of that.
Ruthlessness, disdain for honesty and truth, "anything goes" and money mean that even a great and necessary service such as yours cannot break through to the people who would really benefit from a daily dose.
Bleak but not hopeless. maybe.

gandhi said...

Sure, not "nobody" - no disrespect intended towards my readers.

I just do not understand it. I think I need a huge donation from someone like George Soros if I am going to keep blogging as I would like: preferably, I would like to run Howard Out as a campaign blog for the next year, I would like to build Riding The Juggernaut into a top 10 blog, and I would like to build the pressure on Bush with Bush Out over the next two years, and then perhaps convert the data to a search-able database for future reference.

I have a fulltime job and three kids. I can't achieve what I want with blogging unless I go professional.

So it's either George Soros or massive advertising revenue (like Atrios). But I cannot get the readership for such advertising. And I dont want to slack off on content because I am spending all my time on marketing.

How do the big guys do it? Some were around from the beginning. Guys like Kos have built massive communities. Good on them.

But Glenn Reynolds? I mean, surely his readers have noticed that he is full of shit?

No it doesn't matter to them, does it? Same for Jeffery Goldstein and/or LGF and/or the ITM boys: wrong, wrong, wrong, but who cares? Because their stupid readers share the anguish of having been wrong, they share the need for renewed self-justification. It's sick.

It bugs me that these fools are appearing on CNN and making money from blogging when people like me, who have pursued the hard truths, remain marginalized.

Surely there is a place for popular/indie media? Surely there is a place for anti-establishment advertising? Given the potential customer base, surely there is money out there for such things.

I dunno. Maybe we shouldn't try to play the at their own game. Maybe I am having a Blogging Midlife Crisis.

Maybe it's time to go write that novel.

Winter Patriot said...

The big "lefty" bloggers are all full of shit most of the time too, if that's any consolation.

I share your agony.

gandhi said...

Thanks WP. Too right, mate.

It seems to me the leftwing blogosphere, like the right, is inordinately dominated by certain blogs which set the tone (Atrios, Kos, etc). They can do it coz they are full-time professionals, and some of them are tops BTW, but the total flavour is lacking.

A few folk like Daou Report capture the bigger picture, but once you start searchign through Technorati etc it just become overwhelming.

I got no solution, folks. Just bitching.


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