March 19, 2007

Bush's GOP: Shocked, Shocked At Voter Fraud

Given how the Bush Junta siezed power in 2000, it would be pretty ironic if voter fraud issues also brought about his downfall.

What's ironic just now is that Abu Gonzales could be fired in part because right-wingers have been complaining about vote fraud:
As the controversy over the firings escalates, the circumstances of the dismissals demonstrate the pressure federal prosecutors have faced over election fraud from the Justice Department and among Republican activists in swing states.

Among Republicans, "you had this widespread belief that voter fraud exists, combined with close elections," said Doug Chapin, director of, a group that monitors electoral reforms. "They were either pushing the U.S. attorney or pushing the administration to push the U.S. attorney to investigate."
One assumes this was part of an orchestrated campaign to "balance" all those damned left-wing complaints about vote fraud. Not surprisingly, most of the GOP complaints turned out to be baseless. In other news, it turns out that all those "Islamofascists" are not really the fascists, either!

The current situation actually provides an excellent opportunity for the USA to get its voting system fixed up once and for all. If both Dems and GOP agree that the system is broken, surely it is time for a complete overhaul including strict anti-fraud laws?


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