March 22, 2007

No Email To Trace?

The Bush White House has been actively laying the groundwork for a Constitutional crisis since day one of their administration. Gonzales and Cheney have jointly masterminded the fuzzy logic on Executive privelege. Was there a dark purpose behind this strategy, or was it just part of the broader effort to ensure maximum secrecy during and after Bush's tenure?

It looks like they either make a stand now, or never. I don't think they will drop Gonzales unless they are also prepared to abandon the whole strategy. But as the Carpetbagger suggests, the longer Bush holds onto Gonzo, the bigger the scandal will get. And there is a whole lot of buried shit to be examined.

Bloggers are now frantically scrambling through a mess of document dumps searching for incirminating emails, and an 18 day "hole" has emerged.

Meanwhile, Joseph Hughes at TPM reveals that just about nobody in the highest levels of the Bush White House actually uses email.
While the endgame of this saga is far from decided, what is already apparent is that a vital facet of the story - the administration's seeming unwillingness to comply with both the law and a fundamental cornerstone of our American system - is in danger of being lost in the shuffle of the overarching stampede. And, if we can no longer expect our government's top officials - including the top official, the president - to obey the law and adhere to the bedrock standard of open government, then the questions about whether or not we still live in a democracy are no longer so far-fetched.


Abby said...

This is about the time fascism was supposed to march onto the good old USA - clocked in the American flag, holding the Bible in one hand and a war with Iran on the other.

Bush the lesser had the flag snatched out of his hands at Walter Reed and the extended “war”, dropped the Bible somewhere between the foolish religious right and the corporate-essential open border and unprotected environment. The ability to attack Iran with limited “acceptable” consequences died a natural death in Iraq.

We will forever be grateful that the military-industrial complex overreached when they decided that they could do it even with an idiot in the White House.

Big mistake.

Janice said...

There won't be a war with Iran. Iran and the USA are in cahoots in Iraq.

Bush is definetly an idiot.

Anonymous said...

if you would take the trouble to read the american constitution, and documents relating to it's creation, you would discover that, not only is america not a democracy now, it never has been,and it's founders intended that it never should be.

people who refuse to recognize reality will be continually disappointed in their fantasy life.

george w bush is merely one example of what happens when the far right party loses to the farther right party, as g vidal would put it. he appears to be incompetent as a national leader, but elections are power struggles whose point is to determine who can get elected. winning is the point of elections, and dubya has won twice. he is competent- at getting elected. no use complaining about the character of a politician- if you vote for them you get them, and you deserve them. poor dubya is guilty of only one sin: failure. he is not the first:either party is inclined to imperial war for profit or perceived political advantage. kennedy and johnson are the chief architects of vietnam war, for instance, and they didn't even have the practical goal of oil resources for their little genocide. you might think america's masters would begin to think that imperial expansion is too hard.

the struggle for dominance in the political class is not democracy, even when the plebs are invited to choose which gang will do them the least harm.

democracy is rule by the people: direct election of officers of state, primacy of referendum, open administration of public affairs.

refer to america as a "plutocratic oligarchy" and events in washington will make more sense. save the word democracy for switzerland- they earned it, they deserve it. no one else does, to my knowledge.


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