March 29, 2007

WSJ's New Writers: The Fadhil Bros

Why didn't somebody tell me about this earlier? What do I pay you guys for?

A few weeks ago, the Fadhil brothers (still excluding Ali the traitor, who has escaped to Germany) had an article published in the WSJ Opinion Journal. Not surprisingly, it was their usual topic about how well everything is going in Baghdad these days.

The Wall Street Journal, which previously touted Arthur "Good News" Chrenkoff's malarky, is a highly respected financial news publication owned by Dow Jones & Company, Inc. You would think that their readership might be a little disturbed at being repeatedly misinformed about the situation in Iraq, but apparently the loss in credibility is worthwhile to ... somebody.

Guess that explains those hits I was getting in the days after the story was published. Also worth noting that the Allawi takeover scenario, which the Fadhil neocon shrills were touting at the time, is now looking highly unlikely.


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