March 29, 2007

Thanks For Nothing, Karl

Michael Isikoff digs up an odd email sent to Karl Rove GOP address:
“Thanks for everything,” Domenici chief of staff Steve Bell wrote Rove and two other White House officials, including Rove’s political deputy, Scott Jennings, in a Jan. 8, 2007 e-mail that forwarded the name of a candidate to replace Iglesias...

Did Rove in fact intervene to have Iglesias removed? Fratto replied: "We're not commenting on that" because of general White House policy not to talk about "internal White House communications."
But of course it was NOT an internal White House communication, it was a GOP email. That could be important.

Meanwhile, if you need a laugh, check out this video of a Bush GOP shill caught in the headlights. The GSA is a supposedly non-partisan government body that has been using Powerpoint slide shows compiled by Karl Rove.


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