March 09, 2007

Who's Watching Gandhi?

We live in interesting times. Lately I have been getting a lot more hits on my stories about Jim Hake and his bogus US "charity", Spirit of America (SoA website here).

I have also had some emails about a group called Performance Systems International, who regularly ping this and other blogs. The IP Address they use is 199.29.132.#, which belongs to the Kaman Corporation.

And guess who serves, or has served, on the board of the Kaman Corporation? Caryle Group chairman Frank Charles Carlucci III. Frikkin' hell!

The latest hits have prompted me to go back and take another look at my SoA posts. For example, this:
The main problem is, SoA has not even tried to address Ali's most serious allegations, which involve the strange behaviour of SoA CEO Jim Hake and his former "Director of Logistics and Procurement" Kerry Dupont. As Ali said,
"I'm not diappointed with SoA because I think they were stealing donors money... I'm disappointed because they lied to us, both Iraqis and Americans."
Ali details some of Dupont's "strange behaviour" ...
she told us that if Jim did not approve the budget they she has 300 000 $ that we could use to do what we want...

Mohammed seemed to recall her saying tht it was Kerry's personal money while I recall her saying it wasn't.
Three hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money to be throwing around, folks. And let's remember, this was happening while Paul Bremer was (supposedly) running Iraq and US$800 million was disappearing! Add two and two together and you would have to think that the money Dupont was offering came from those same taxpayer-funded coffers. But how the hell did Kerry Dupont get authorised to hand it out? Prior to her (extensive) involvement with Iraq The Model, Dupont was (as far as I can tell) just a plain old mother of two from Topsham, Maine. What happened on the way to Baghdad, Kerry?

Ali also indicates that Dupont behaved in this "strange" way on many other occasions. In particular, he says she warned the Fadhil brothers to stay away from US contractors in Iraq because they had links to the US military and were therefore dangerous:
"If they don't leave you, let me know and I'll contact the DoD and they will kick them away"!
Excuse me?
Given what we now know about how the US government was throwing cash around in Baghdad, and US PsyOps including fake newspaper stories, Dupont's behaviour is even more intriguing.
When Ali complained to Jim Hake about Dupont's behaviour, Hake said the news was "very, very disturbing." And yet instead of sacking Dupont and thanking Ali for his help, Hake dumped Ali from the trip (Ali says he decided not to go but it seems the decision was extremely mutual). So Kerry Dupont was right there with Jim Hake and Ali's two brothers, Omar and Mohammed Fadhil, when they met with George W. Bush and Paul Wolfowitz in the White House in October, 2004.

It gets wierder. After the trip, Hake kept contacting Ali, offering him "any position I wanted and any salary I would find suitable". Any salary, Jim? Again, where would Hake get unlimited funds like that? SoA was in damage control, but what did Ali know that was worth so much to Jim Hake?

Here's my conclusion:

Jim Hake set up Spirit of America as an opportunistic scam to grab all the cash and political opportunities he could get from Bush's mad Iraq free-for-all. The big meeting with Bush was set up through a network of friends leading to arch-neocon Paul Wolfowitz (a man who frequently directed reporters to the Fadhil's Iraq The Model blog, by the way). When Ali started asking difficult questions, Hake dumped him from the trip. Afterwards, when he found that he couldn't buy Ali off, he sacked Kerry Dupont.
In retrospect, maybe that conclusion was even less of a Conspiracy Theory than it sounded.

Ali Fadhil's old blog site (which at one stage was full of porn) is now German-based and has only one small entry, dated 16 Jan 2007, titled "I'am Free!" and a number of links to German online clothing retailers. There are only three comments, two of which are porn links. Should we assume he has escaped to Germany? How does that tie in with my old allegations that Omar Fadhil might actually be a German radio personality? Interestingly, I am also getting hits on "Jim Hake" from Kabel Deutschland Breitband Service GmbH (88.134.226.#), which sounds like a German ISP.

SoA's web pages seem pretty inactive. But according to a month-old Wall Street Journal story, Hake's SoA "charity" is now a "civilian troop-support group":
Since arriving in Iraq last year, Maj. West had worked with Spirit of America (SoA), the civilian troop-support group founded by Jim Hake. In early December, SoA's project director, Michele Redmond, asked Maj. West if there was any out-of-the-ordinary project they could help him with. And Maj. West said, Why yes, there is. He described to them the basic concept for a mobile, handheld fingerprinting device which Iraqi soldiers would use to assemble an insurgent database. Mr. Hake said his organization would contribute $30,000 to build a prototype and get it to Khalidiya. In New York, Goldman Sachs contributed $14,000 to the project.
Hake's SignalOne Media web page is down, and there's no more stories on it via Google, so I guess that little venture didn't last too long.

Meanwhile, Ali's brothers at Iraq The Model continue doing their bit to champion the latest US propaganda efforts:
It’s still not decided who is going to be the leader in the new bloc, and none of the leading figures involved has talked about this yet. However I suspect that this position will be filled by Allawi who, although his group has only 25 out of the 69 seats, was the one who came up with the idea in the first place, and his charisma, history in leadership and his nonsectarian attitude qualify him over the others.
That's Iyad Allawi, former CIA asset and #1 pick for US puppet in Baghdad, a man who tried to destabilize Hussein by planting bombs that killed innocent Iraqi civilians, a man who personally shot six Iraqi prisoners dead as an example to police recruits, a man whose Iraqi National Accord party was roundly rejected by the Iraqi people during the January 2005 Iraqi election. That's the man who the Fadhil brothers and the desperate Bush administration now sees as the logical puppet to replace al-Maliki.

Finally, for anyone who has followed this whole story since back in the day, some sad news: the inspirational Elendil has had to take an extended break from blogging. This shit takes it's toll, folks.

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