April 24, 2007

Bolfobitz The Banker

Q: Why has this shameless man still not resigned?:
Norway joined a growing list of doubters over World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz's leadership, as bank members consider how to resolve a furore surrounding accusations of ethical lapses.

Expressing concern over the controversial former Bush administration official's ability to head the bank, Norway's development minister Erik Solheim said: "There is no doubt confidence in World Bank leadership has been undermined."

"He will have a very hard job to repair this confidence," he told Reuters in Oslo.
A: Because all the shameless fools who rose to prominence in the Bush administration did so by being utterly, unembarrassedly shameless throughout their careers. Rather like prositutes, lap dancers and erotic models.

What is particularly galling is that Bolfobitz is being ousted on the very same platform upon which he ran: corruption. Ironically, it is the more corrupt countries who are now supporting the Bank's corrupt leader:
A group of European countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Britain have said that they believe Wolfowitz has placed himself in an untenable position. But some other member governments, notably among developing countries and in emerging markets, have told Reuters they had not yet taken a stand on whether Wolfowitz should step down.
Isn't this just a perfect reflection of the whole "terrorism" thing that got Bolfobitz into the job in the first place? Declare war on terror, become the outstanding practitioner of terrorism in the world. Declare war on corruption, become the outstanding practitioner of corruption in the World Bank.

Anyone else see a pattern? I think the Karl Rove playbook calls it something like "attacking with your greatest weakness". Ergo, Bush's opponents are Nazis, Islamic terrorists are fascists, etc.

How many times am I going to repeat this before somebody listens?


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