April 13, 2007

The Privileged Excutive and his Privileged Ass-kissers

I do hope Joshua Micah Marshall is at least managing to work from home with his new baby from time to time.

Today he points out just where things have gotten to:
Executive privilege doesn't just apply to conversations the president has with his top aides. It doesn't just apply to conversations his top aides have with each other. It doesn't even just apply any presidential aides doing anything connected to the White House. Executive privilege applies to the outside political party work the president's aides do on their own time.
No wonder they don't want to let Abu Gonzales out the door, he could be their ace up the sleeve.

Personally, I think the Bush administration has been angling towards this from the get-go. These oil baron thieves are not going to hand power back to the GOP without a struggle. Yeah, you heard that right.


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