April 27, 2007

Was Young Kevin Rudd Buggered By A Priest

This article certainly suggests it as a possibility:
The way Ashgrove old boys from the early '70s tell it, the place was fairly typical of Catholic boys' boarding schools of that era. Every student had to play rugby, regardless of his talent or inclination, chapel was at 6am each day, canings were a daily occurrence, and some of the Brothers had a dubious affection for their young charges. Former students can still remember the brother who would always volunteer for shower duty.
Gotta be a story there. But which brave, intrepid Aussie journo will chase it down...?

And of course, in the interest of "fair and balanced" journalism, somebody should also ask John Howard whether anyone besides George W. Bush has ever given it to him up the Khyber. The public have a right to know.


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