April 17, 2007

Is George W. Bush Reading "Bush Out"!!!?


Today this humble little blog got a hit from someone within the eop.gov domain. That's the Executive Office Of The President Of The United States.

Yeah, that's right.

The hit came from Washington, D.C., on April 16th at 11:46:42 pm. It was a Google blog search (blogsearch.google.com) for the words "George Tenet" and it led to this post, in which I had basically just cut and pasted some amazing news from E&P about the former CIA Director's upcoming book.

What does this mean? It means that someone in the White House wants to know what bloggers are saying about George Tenet's new book, presumably because the press will (as usual) be catching up with bloggers' questions in another day or two... or five.

So is George W. Bush actually reading my blog, or is this just his inside team leaping into Damage Control Mode as the Tenet book goes public? Is Bush finally trying to escape the information cocoon into which Darth Cheney and his own lack of intellectual curiosity have locked him? Having recently cited the Fadhil brothers' charlatan "Iraq The Model" blog for evidence of his Iraq surge success, is Bush suddenly taking an interest in REAL blogs?

Stay tuned.... These are interesting times indeed!

Oh, and for the record, since the White House is worried about it, I might as well add my 2 cents on George Tenet's book... I think Tenet was never happy about being the fall guy for that whole WMD thing. Did he really say Saddam's WMDs were a "Slam Dunk" or not, that seems to be the central question. Now that the thrill of his Medal Of Honour has worn off, and as he watches this administration sink into the mud of oblivion, I think Tenet is out to salvage some shred of personal respectability.

(hat-tip and a free Bush Out T-shirt to loyal reader RC)

UPDATE: Tenet's book "At the Center of the Storm" is due out April 30th. He has already begun taping a segment for 60 Minutes, which will screen the day before. But it seems the only gossip currently circulating is what's found in this Al Kamen WaPo article.

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