April 25, 2007

Kucinich Calls For Cheney Impeachment

Great stuff! But this is just disgraceful journaminimalism from WaPo blog The Sleuth:
It appears Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) wants Vice President Dick Cheney in tip-top shape for those impeachment proceedings.

With the Veep making an unexpected visit to his doctor this morning to check the blood clot in his leg, Kucinich has delayed his gonzo plan to introduce articles of impeachment against the Veep...

As the Sleuth exclusively reported, Kucinich initially planned to introduce articles of impeachment "with respect to the conduct of Vice President Cheney" last week. But that was before the massacre at Virginia Tech.

Now, it looks like Cheney's trip to the doctor will delay Kucinich's shot at getting a much-needed media blitz. (Kudos to Kucinich for his compassion! Only a vegan, only a vegan.)

UPDATE: Kucinich now plans to hold his news conference announcing articles of impeachment against the vice president at 5 p.m. ET today. (Kucinich was in the Speaker's Lobby off the House chamber just moments ago personally handing out press releases announcing that the big event is back on.)

Let's hope Cheney doesn't have a dental appointment or anything between now and then!
This smart-ass toungue-in-cheek ridicule explains a lot about the state of journalism in the USA today. The fact that Pelosi and other Democrats will not support Kucinich's proposal is to their own shame, and to the greater detriment of the USA.

Given Cheney's health and his current predicament, it was quite reasonable for Kucinich to delay his announcement until the outcome of Cheney's doctor visit was made clear. Cheney could just as easily have been taken to hospital, and announced his resignation on medical reasons. That would have been the half-honourable thing to do. Instead Cheney talks crap like this:
"Some Democratic leaders seem to believe that blind opposition to the new strategy in Iraq is good politics," Cheney said. "Sen. Reid himself has said that the war in Iraq will bring his party more seats in the next election. It is cynical to declare that the war is lost because you believe it gives you political advantage."
The Bush cabal is determined to go down fighting. So where's the fight from the Democrats? At least Kucinich's proposal will force them to put a vote on the record. And ordinary netizens in particular will be watching closely to see who votes against it.


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