May 31, 2009

For Fuck's Sake

All Rupert has to do is throw a bone out the window and these wannabe idiots will sit there happily salivating, thinking maybe he really IS a nice guy after all.

Punched out at Larvatus Prodeo
PhilNo Gravatar
May 31st, 2009 at 7:08 pm

@Hannah, well they have linked to LP and I noticed a shout out to Hoyden in their opinion from elsewhere feed.

But I'm the one with the ego problem, right?


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Larva Rodeo is still around? Still seems to be mild-mannered, even-handed and boring as all fuck.

Stop Murdoch said...

They have ATO ads too!

Even-handed? Disagree. Benign, uncontroversial, self-reinforcing-pro-ALP, hypocritical, mildly biased, boring as all f*ck? Agree whole-hattedly (as you seppos say).

If you can keep your dinner down, go and view the circle jerk over at Larvae Prada in the comments on that post. As for 'sucker punch', not even going to grace them with a visit. The vomitous amount of 'comment' in the wankosphere is enough to indicate that a visit is a waste of electrons.

Noticed a few comments in the slurry over at Larvae which took good shots at Rupert's cynical/creepy latest exercise. Otherwise, it's just the usual diversity of unanimity of rah-rah right wing ALP opinion over there.

The Rupert 'thrown bone' indeed. Hey Gandhi, remember all the shit we copped at Road of Smurfs for daring to doubt how Rupert's friendly takeover of Dunlop would work out? If only vindication could buy food - we'd eat like Kings!

"I come from Brisbane. I'm quite plain" - (from the Go-Betweens' 'Lee Remick' - 1978 - long before they sold out to Rupert).

G. said...

Yeah, what fun that was with old Tim. Apparently he is writing a book. I wonder if the Murdoch press will publish it? I'm sure they would love to have editing rights, at the very least.

I still check the Oz Blogs feed (mostly for Ant Loewenstein's stuff, it's the easiest way to keep up with him) so I see the LP stories go passing by. They do have some good writers on global warming, but it's mostly just a social club for academics and wannabe intelligentsia.

A pity, I'm sure some of those involved would have wanted more. I sure did.


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