May 25, 2009

Nothing's Really Changed

Shhh: don't mention the bad news about the economy
How powerful is positive thinking about the economy? Can distracting people from thinking about the tough times the economy is heading into actually reduce the extent of our troubles? As we speak, the Rudd Government is working on the hope that it can.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Another take on the role that confidence and attitude plays in economic behaviour. There was a reason why FDR had that quote about "The only thing we have to fear..." Interesting bit at the end about perceptions re: corruption and anger.

G. said...

That's behind a wall and ICBB registering, but yeah. I saw Soros Krugman and a few others have a chat the other day and someone made the same point. It's all down to emotions. The stockmarket is just a hi-tech schoolyard.

So can the bastards just make everybody feel good again by saying nice things over and over until we go back where we were? I don't think so.

Some of us don't want just words, we want some real change. But we are not the ones who matter. In the end, what matters is TRUTH.


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