May 01, 2009

Two More "Bad Apples" Located

The CIA's $1,000 a Day Specialists on Waterboarding, Interrogations - ABC News

Notice in the first para how ABC skip over apologizing for the atrocious reporting by Brian Ross by saying this is "contradicting an 2007 ABC News report". But they get back to it on page three:
That contradicts what former CIA officer John Kiriakou, who led the Zubaydah capture team, told ABC News in 2007 when he first revealed publicly that waterboarding had been used.

He said then, based on top secret reports he had access to, that Zubaydah had only been water boarded once and then freely talked.

Kiriakou now says he too was stunned to learn how often Zubaydah was waterboarded, in what Kiriakou says was clearly torture.

"When I spoke to ABC News in December 2007 I was aware of Abu Zubaydah being waterboarded on one occasion," said Kiriakou. "It was after this one occasion that he revealed information related to a planned terrorist attack. As I said in the original interview, my information was second-hand. I never participated in the use of enhanced techniques on Abu Zubaydah or on any other prisoner, nor did I witness the use of such techniques."
And Kiriakou's employers at the CIA are also washing their hands:
A CIA spokesperson declined to comment for this report, except to note that the agency's terrorist interrogation program was guided by legal opinions from the Department of Justice.
Suddenly nobody wants to know about this stuff. But fortunately the bloggers are still all over it.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Well they can't come out and say "This CIA stooge lied right to our faces because he knew we'd repeat what he said unquestioningly. We were played for suckers." So they have to spin it as "We're shocked! shocked I tell you, to find that torturing is going on in this establishment." (CIA goon steps in: "Here's your ratings, sir..."

As for bloggers, fah! Who reads those people, anyway? Just a lot of smarty-pants malcontents who aren't gullible enough to fall for commercials selling the Sham-Wow. (Whatever the hell that is. It's apparently the new in-phrase to express disgust with TV advertising.)


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