May 21, 2009

Good Luck To Them!!!


Stop Murdoch said...

The latest Westpac television advertisements are so annoying - but now I'm just gonna laugh when I see them!

G. said...

Sad thing is this NZ couple will probably be caught and put in jail, when it's the big bankers who should all be behind bars.

Mike Whitney has a good new rip here:

"Do people realize that the reason their home equity is vanishing, their 401ks have been slashed in half and their jobs are at risk is because Wall Street was gaming the system with leverage and financial innovation? The current downturn is not really a recession at all; it's more like a self-inflicted wound perpetrated by avaricious speculators who put a gun to the economy's head and blew its brains out. The banks and Wall Street have created a capital hole so vast that the entire economy is being sucked into the abyss. And it all could have been avoided.

Credit production is too important and too lethal to entrust to profit-driven vipers whose only motivation is self-enrichment. The whole system needs rethinking and public input before Bernanke wastes trillions more trying to revive the same crisis-prone business model. If "credit is the economy's life's-blood," as President Obama says, then it should be distributed through a government-controlled public utility. The real lesson of the financial crisis is that privatizing credit has been a disaster."

G. said...

And then there's this:

"Figures just released by the Reserve Bank show banks earned almost $12 billion in fees in Australia in the 2008 financial year.

That is 8 per cent higher than the year before."

Crisis? What crisis? The bastards run the country.

Sorry, I mean "the Western world".


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