May 15, 2009


AM - Immigration Department lie misled detainee
If she requests to say goodbye to her father, I will advise her that it is not possible as it could stop her from being returned to her mother in Tehran. We will have several toys etc for distraction purposes.


Stop Murdoch said...


Bukko_in_Australia said...

What is it about giving people power, that they act so bastardly? Do they become that way because the authority goes to their heads, or do they seek positions like that because they're shits deep inside? Cases like this seem to pop up most around immigration issues, like the deportations of mentally disturbed people so they can beg on the streets of Sarajevo or wherever. Is it a requirement for working in immigration that you must first hate foreigners?

That said, I got wonderful treatment from the DIMA authorities. But then, I'm white, English-speaking and have job skills. The "Whites Only" policy isn't dead; it's just wearing a smiley-face mask.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

OT, but have you seen this article from a Persian Gulf publication? It's a chat with Sy Hersh and it touches upon several of your favourite topics such as Dick Cheney's evil (specifically his assassination squads) and the perfidy of Israel.

Maybe you've seen this already, since you seem to track these things way more closely than I do. But hey, you've alerted me to so much stuff; if there's ever a nugget I notice in some obscure place, I try to return the favour.

G. said...

Interesting article, thanks Bukko. So will this black op shit continue?

It all comes down to what Obama thinks, doesn't it? The bloke has a whole heap of power - it's terrifying!!!


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