May 27, 2009


Free trips to fellate Israel | Antony Loewenstein
Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard will lead a delegation to Israel next month as part of a bid to strengthen political, business and cultural ties between Australia and Israel.

The tour, organised by pro-Israel lobby group the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange, will include in the 40-strong delegation Liberal MPs Peter Costello, Christopher Pyne, George Brandis, Guy Barnett, Labor MP Mark Dreyfus, QC, Jewish scientists, academics, businessmen and women, plus conservative News Limited columnists Greg Sheridan , Andrew Bolt and Alan Howe.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Nasty of Anthony to link Gillard and fellating. I think she's kinda hot, in a bossy MILF sorta way. (Yes, I know she's not biologically an "M". Maybe "MPILF".) It's a sign that I'm getting too old when I get hotter over a middle-aged red-haired parliamentarian than I do Silvio Berlusconi's teenage paramour. It's just that subconsciously, I realise which one would laugh out louder if I was to express interest. (At least I'm better-looking than Berlo, but I'm a couple billion euros short of his attractiveness.)


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