May 06, 2009

Well what do you think they said?

Here's my guess:

OBAMA: Pass the gravy please.
KRUGMAN: No, you idiot! That's the whole problem!
OBAMA: More sauce?
STEIGLITZ: Don't be a fool!
OBAMA: Something for dessert?
KRUGMAN and STEIGLITZ: Man, get a hold of yourself!

Krugman Won't Comment On Off-The-Record Dinner With Obama

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Actually, if you look at the Keynesian position Krugman has been taking in his columns, he'd be yelling "MORE gravy! Put a whole lot of gravy on everything." And Stiglitz would be saying "No sauce for the bankers! You've given them too much already!"

That said, I admire Krugs for keeping his mouth shut. If you're invited to something off-the-record, where you're giving candid advice and hopefuly getting honest responses from the president, it's a virtue to keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, it's a one-time-only invite.

I hope somebody at HuffPo brought up that point. I haven't read the linky. I only read you, Gandhi. You and Greenwald...


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