February 24, 2006

Globalization At Work

The Boston Globe reports that Jack Abramoff had ties to the Russian Government as well:
The subpoena seeks information about ties between Abramoff-related groups and a Moscow energy giant that is called Naftasib, a major supplier to the Russian military.

Investigators have asked for any information about Abramoff's dealings with two top Naftasib executives, Alexander Koulakovsky and Marina Nevskaya. Senior Naftasib executives helped arrange a trip Abramoff took to Moscow in 1997 with former House majority leader Tom DeLay, a longtime Abramoff friend.
In a sign of sheer desperation, DeLay is trying to distance himself from Abramoff with outright lies. It's all very bad news for Bush, who may be able to hide his relationship with Abramoff but is a long-time personal friend of DeLay.

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