February 22, 2006

What Are They Hiding?

The New York Times says Team Bush is not only classifying new documents at an alarming rate, but also re-classifying stuff which has been in the public domain for many years:
But because the reclassification program is itself shrouded in secrecy — governed by a still-classified memorandum that prohibits the National Archives even from saying which agencies are involved — it continued virtually without outside notice until December. That was when an intelligence historian, Matthew M. Aid, noticed that dozens of documents he had copied years ago had been withdrawn from the archives' open shelves.

Mr. Aid was struck by what seemed to him the innocuous contents of the documents — mostly decades-old State Department reports from the Korean War and the early cold war...
Remember, people like Cheney and Rumsfeld are old Cold War Warriors with long records going right back to the Nixon years...

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