February 16, 2006

Losing Hearts And Minds

Bush's USA has sunk to a new low in the eyes of Australians:
The poll, released yesterday in the influential US magazine Foreign Policy, describes America as globally "red, white and booed", noting: "The United States's standing dropped sharply as a result of the Iraq war, and it hasn't hit rock bottom yet."

In interviews conducted between last October and January, only 29 per cent of Australians had a "mainly positive" attitude towards the US, while 60 per cent were "mainly negative" and 11 per cent undecided. This is down on last year, when 40 per cent of Australians were positive about the US.

America's popularity also fell, but less sharply, among allies such as Britain and South Korea. Only the French and Germans, opponents of the invasion of war in Iraq, are less enthusiastic about the US than Australians.

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