February 15, 2006

We Have Seen The Enemy And The Enemy Is Us

Tonight Australian TV's SBS program Dateline broadcast new photographs from Abu Ghraib, taken at the same time as the previous batch of photos.

I saw the program half an hour ago. The photos include a prisoner with part of his skull missing, another with pellet wounds all over his backside, corpses who appear to have been tortured, women showing their breasts, a man whose heart appears to have been cut out, another with his throat cut, and video of numerous men forced to masturbate.

According to the SBS website, some of the photos were too sexually explicit to show on TV.
While some of the photographs are similar to the images made public two years ago, the latest photographs reveal further abuse including new incidents of killing, torture and sexual humiliation, the program’s producers said...

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been granted access to the photographs under Freedom of Information provisions, but the US government is currently appealing the decision.
SBS has posted the photos here. The SMH also has photos.

When the first batch of Abu Ghraib photos were published, I did not post them and indeed I hardly had the stomach to view them. I felt that something would have to be done, that this would lead to some accountability at last from the Bush administration. Sadly, nothing was done. So now I am publishing some of these photos (apparently there are about 60 in total).

Private Lynndie England and Charles Graner again feature. The program said there are many photos of them having sex.

Bear in mind that most of these inmates are now considered innocent. Bear in mind that US commanders in Iraq say Abu Ghraib has become an incubator for terrorists. Who is accountable?

You think it's wrong to publish these photos when Arabs are already enraged by those stupid cartoons and video of British soldiers beating Iraqis? But nothing has been done - there is no accountability, ever - and that is why the violence continues to increase. Hold those who lied about WMDs accountable! Impeach those who advocate torture!

Iraqis die when being "questioned"! Who is accountable?

The US tortured sons to extract confessions from fathers! Who is accountable?

This Wikipedia entry on Abu Ghraib tells the sorry history. Who is accountable?

Shame on the US media for not daring to publish these photos before now.

What are YOU going to do about this? Demand accountability!!!

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