February 13, 2006

What Has Become Of Us?

The Adelaide Advertiser reports on Australia's new slave labour trade:
IMPORTED Indonesian workers have allegedly been paid as little as $40 a day to dig ditches in the South Australian desert.

Drilling company Halliburton Australia employed a team of Indonesians for labouring jobs at its gas extraction operations in the Cooper Basin late last year.

Australians who worked alongside the Indonesians have now told The Advertiser the imported staff worked 80 days straight, were housed in poor work camp accommodation and had some meals laced with pork so they were unfit for the Muslim employees to eat...

When The Advertiser asked about the claims that workers were underpaid and mistreated while employed by the drilling company, Halliburton referred inquiries to its offices in Houston, Texas. Despite three days of requests to Halliburton in Australia and the U.S., they have not answered the claims.
Shame, Australia, shame!

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