February 23, 2006

Meanwhile, In Hell...

Force-feeding Gitmo prisoners with nasal drips was proving difficult (detainees were "deliberately vomiting or siphoning out the liquid they had been fed") so the USA has resorted to " more aggressive methods":
"The head is immobilized by a strap so it can't be moved, their hands are cuffed to the chair and the legs are shackled," the notes quote Mr. Hassan as saying. "They ask, 'Are you going to eat or not?' and if not, they insert the tube. People have been urinating and defecating on themselves in these feedings and vomiting and bleeding. They ask to be allowed to go to the bathroom, but they will not let them go. They have sometimes put diapers on them."
Verification of the use of such "restraint chairs" comes after Gitmo officials previously denied a NYT Feb 9th report on the subject.

A second Gitmo prison building is currently under construction.

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