February 21, 2006

Hey, Rocky! Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Outta My Hat...

Bush says the USA is on the verge of 'startling' breakthroughs in energy technology:
"Our nation is on the threshold of new energy technology that I think will startle the American people," Bush said. "We're on the edge of some amazing breakthroughs, breakthroughs all aimed at enhancing our national security and our economic security and the quality of life of the folks who live here in the United States."
Hmmn... Does he actually know that something big is coming, or is he just spinning ("seeking to fuel his own agenda" as Forbes puts it)? I wonder if those "amazing breakthroughs" could be related to technolgy that the USA has been suppressing for years, such as Ralph Sarich's Orbital engine:
A conspiracy theory known to almost all mechanically-inclined Australians holds that the patent for the Sarich Orbital engine was exclusively licensed and then suppressed by Ford, perhaps in order to prevent a drop in oil prices, or simply to maintain the value of existing manufacturing facilities, should the highly-efficient engine displace conventional piston engines.
Conspiracy theory? Or just a conspiracy?

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