February 16, 2006

Remember This Guy?

Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA team tasked with tracking Bin LAden down, talks about Bin Laden's Game:
We should be so lucky as to have him hate us only for our freedoms. He's never even discussed that kind of thing...

It's the tradition of the prophet that you warn your enemy and you offer a truce before the fighting starts...

... for a man of his stature in the world, he probably has as little ego as I've ever seen in a leader...

He is a man well acquainted with the power of silence, I think. When he says something, given the correlation between what he's said and what he's done in the past, I think he deserves a lot of respect and—I don't want to say fear, but respect as an enemy is something that we don't give him. My own inclination is to say that the decks are pretty much cleared now. He would not have said what he said if he wasn't prepared to attack us.

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