February 16, 2006

Jim Hake's Big Pay Day?

After screwing up the invasion of Iraq and further de-stabilising the whole region, Bush now wants an extra $75 million to de-stabilize Iran (the WaPo suggests the funding may face challenges).

The cunning Bush plan goes right back to the old neo-con drawing board. It includes funding for the world's first-ever 24-hour TV station broadcasting in Farsi:
The "new effort", as Ms Rice described it, will be backed by $10m (€8.4m, £5.75m) already budgeted this year and a supplemental request of $75m. The State Department said money will go towards Iranian reformers, political dissidents, human rights organisations, non-governmental organisations, political organisations and labour unions...

The bulk of the spending, $50m, is proposed for the establishment of a 24-hour, US-run, Farsi-language television station.
Now who do you think might be in charge of setting up that little project, eh? Could it be our old mate, James D. "Jim" Hake, founder of the bogus US "charity" Spirit Of America, now CEO of the US propaganda outlet, the deceptively smooth-looking SignalOne Media?

At this stage, I cannot find any detailed plans of how the $75 million will be allocated or to whom. It's also hard to find much Google info on SignalOneMedia. Their website is just an email address and some phone numbers - with password access required for anything more, like even a list of staff (../s1team/index.html):

Fortunately, my old post has more info on SignalOne, or you can search this blog using the toolbar at the top. The video spiel is still up on their typepad site.

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