February 23, 2006

What Would Happen If You Actually DID Something?

Mike Ferner and friends from the Voices for Creative Nonviolence are staging a hunger stike in Washington CD. They have already been fasting for eight days:
Here is the reaction I’ve observed so far.

* To the overwhelming percentage of people, maybe 80%, we rate a quick glance or are completely invisible.
* The nattering nabobs of negativity, actually quite a small portion of the total, shake their heads, or glare, or protectively pull their children quickly toward them, or try to come up with some snappy remark to let us know our presence is not appreciated.
* Greater in number than the nabobs, although still a small part of the total, actually take a flyer if their path happens to intersect our location, or give us a “thumbs-up” from a distance, or blessedly, actually make a point of stopping, reading our banner, and come over to chat. I shudder to estimate what percent of total passers-by are in that last category – and keep in mind that not a small number of those good souls are tourists from other nations.
If you think of yourself as someone who might be in that last category, Mike has a message for you:
If you place yourself in that group of and have done something to make noise against this war, you must look into your heart, think, and determine what you can do that is more than you ever thought you could.

No matter what any of us has done, there is something more that we can do. If we believe this war is a criminal abomination, an ongoing atrocity in which we are each complicit, we simply must do more.

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