February 16, 2006

Says It All, Really...

The Australian Wheat Board was the #1 sanctions buster during the Saddam years,then they HAND-PICKED an Iraqi official to stay on and guarantee their future deals.

Now doesn't that imply that that - GASP! - the Coalition forces have been setting up a puppet Iraqi government?

If you can pick a guy to hold down your wheat deals, you can pick a guy like Chalabi for your oil deals, etc, etc...

Now, this was after Australian soldiers helped get rid of Saddam (rumour is Aussie SAS troops drew first blood a few days before hostilities were officially declared). And we had to get rid of Saddam because UN sanctions were not working. Got it???

Funny thing is, 60% of Australians now have a bad view of Americans. So what are WE like?

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