February 24, 2006

US Hypocrisy On Show

Hard to resist playing with the latest Bushism:
"This deal wouldn't go forward if we were concerned about the security of the United States of America."
Michael Moore's response is a big headline:
War on Terror Over!
You wish!

Then there is this quote from Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England:
If the furor over the port deal should go on, Mr. England said, it would give enemies of the United States aid and comfort: "They want us to become distrustful, they want us to become paranoid and isolationist."
As AMERICAblog notes, Bush & Co. spent the past five years making Americans paranoid for purely political reasons. Now they want US citizens to get relaxed and comfortable? I guess it is all part of being a rose-coloured-glasses Conservative... wheee!!!

Still on the subject of blatant hypocrisy, Condi Rice has been copping a blast or two in the Middle East:
"How is it possible to harmonize the U.S. position as a nation supporting freedom of expression and the right of people to practice democracy with your efforts to curb the will of Hamas and put pressures on other countries in this regard?" an Arab journalist asked Rice at a Wednesday night press conference in Riyadh.

"Why don't you give Hamas a chance to express the will of people?" the journalist asked, repeating a version of a question Rice faced earlier in Cairo...

Hala Mostafa, a dissident member of Mubarak's National Democratic Party, held up for Rice a copy of a state-owned magazine, Rose al Youssef, that attacked liberals by name. The practice is common in Egypt's state-dominated media.

"If you are really serious about (reform), you should criticize this," she told Rice.

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