May 06, 2006

Headlines You Thought You Would Never See

An excellent article by John Yewell, Should Republicans Impeach Bush Themselves?
The Republican Party has voted in lock-step for the policies that have brought us, like it or not, to this point in history...

And yet, with polls going down as relentlessly as gas prices rise, what choice do Republicans have? Like a string of climbers pulling each other, one after another, over the cliff, they are desperately trying to separate and save themselves.

An April 27 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll painted a picture of that cliff: only 24 percent of the American public now thinks the country is headed in the right direction. That's the question through which the public reveals its collective assessment of the party in power -- and that's the lowest level posted in nine years of records on

Amazingly, things may get worse.

The San Diego Union Tribune and the Wall Street Journal reported in the last week that defense contractor Brent Wilkes, disgraced former congressman Randall "Duke" Cunningham's alleged co-conspirator, kept suites in the Watergate Hotel (of all places) where lawmakers -- no one knows how many -- were brought in hooker-equipped limos to "relax."

As for the president, whose agenda - especially, of course, Iraq - got Republicans into this pickle, things are hardly better...

What will happen if Karl Rove is soon indicted in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame?

In an irony-laden note, MSNBC reported Monday that at the time Plame's cover was blown she was monitoring the Iranian nuclear program.

Not only did her outing harm that effort, according to reporter David Shuster's sources, but the Iraq war has since constrained U.S. leverage in dealing with the growing Iranian nuclear threat. All this starts with Bush's insistence on pursuing the bogus Iraqi nuclear threat revealed by Plame's husband Joe Wilson, for which she was punished...

Come November high gas prices may be the least of anyone's worries.


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