May 06, 2006

No, It's Not Just A Disagreement With Negroponte

There seems to be a concerted media attempt to paint this Goss resignation as nothing too extraordinary, or just the result of a personal tiff with Negroponte, but that will not last very long at all (not with the words "prostitutes" and "Watergate" hanging in the air).

The news broke on a Friday night, as bad news for Bush usually does. But by Monday this should be steaming ahead. For the moment, at least CNN is getting close to the truth:
Now, just to add a little bit to what former Congressman Bob Barr was talking about, what's all swirling around the CIA with the Duke Cunningham case goes to a fellow named Brent Wilkes, who was an unindicted co-conspirator in that -- that Cunningham case. There is a fellow who has pled guilty in that case by the name of Mitchell Wade who contends -- and this is only a contention, allegations again -- that Wilkes had been procuring prostitutes and limousines for Duke Cunningham and had also been hosting poker parties at a couple of hotels in Washington, one of them being the Watergate hotel right down there by the Potomac, and the other one being the Westin Grand up on M street at 24th.

Now, Wilkes has denied any involvement in this prostitution idea, but we do know that he did have some poker parties and that a very senior official at the CIA had been a guest at a few of those poker parties, a fellow by the name of Dusty Foggo, who is actually the number three at the CIA.

There is an inspector general's investigation at the CIA going on over Foggo's appearance at those poker parties. And the CIA, I should say, has also come out to say that at no time did CIA director Porter Goss ever appear at one of those poker parties.

So, this is reaching into the highest levels of the CIA.


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