November 14, 2006

Antony Loewenstein has a great quote from Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich (potential next chair of the Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations):
We need to have hearings on Iraq again. We need to go over again why we went there. We need to review the statements and all the errors that were made, and from that we bring the country together to take a new direction. It’s all fact-based. And then we start to heal our nation. But we cannot heal America if we continue with policies that are based on lies. We’ll never be able to bring closure to this Iraq matter unless we tell the truth about what happened. So America needs a new approach of truth and reconciliation. This isn’t a Democratic or Republican matter. This is a matter that relates to the conscience of this country. This is a matter of the heart — the heart of democracy itself. This is a matter of whether we’re going to a sober reflection about the events that have transpired since 9/11, with respect to Iraq. And until we do this, we will be trapped not only physically in Iraq, we’ll be trapped emotionally and spiritually in Iraq. We may never get out of Iraq if we don’t tell the truth.

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Roger said...

Kucinich is right - "we [do] need to go over again why we went there", but this goes to motivation as much as anything else. True, matters of motivation are matters of fact, maybe even determinable fact. But such determinings require an environment of relative political calm suitable to such reflections, something which is in short supply these days. So, in the end, I think Kucinich is dreaming. Not that it didn't need to be said. Given that such hearings are not going to take place, we are - as K suggests - "trapped emotionally and spiritually in Iraq".


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